2023 Volante Halloween Collection


A nod to the iconic captain from TNG, the 2401 Picard jacket is perfect for attending a party or leading an away team.


Combine the Marquis Vest in Blackout and the Helsing in Tombstone for a dashing vampire hunter look. Or if you're already one with the dark, become the hunted in the Auditore Cape.


Fleeing the grip of an overwhelming Empire? Channel your inner Survivor in the Scoundrel Shirt, Smuggler Vest, Talons, and Operator System.

sith warrior

Practice your control of the force, but remember — it's frowned upon to practice your mind tricks on party guests.

starfleet officer

How are you at commanding a starship crew? Do you have the logical mind needed to be a science officer? Or maybe you're bold enough to take your chances with a red shirt instead?

the next generation

Become a part of the next generation of Starfleet officers. Don your uniform and a Next Generation badge, pour yourself some tea, and make it so.

Galactic caretaker

Handle fatherhood in style while hunting bounties across the galaxy. This is the way.