Our New Product Classification System

The Hall of Champions is reserved for our best selling products. These products have proven themselves time and time and again to be crowd-pleasers so we endeavor to have them in stock. Few products make the cut, and the ones that do not live up to the title will be deposed from the hall.

The Contender’s Circle is for products that do fairly well and are still popular, but may be too new to be determined or don’t perform quite well enough to make it to the Hall of Champions. Some of the contenders are fairly close to moving up and some may fade into obscurity. Stock of these products may be more limited than Champions.

Designer’s Workshops were experimental, limited runs of products that we will not be restocking.


If a product is a Champion is it definitely getting a restock?
We can never guarantee another restock of a product, but Champions are the most likely to get a restock.

How do you determine what is a Champion and what is a Contender?
Twice a year we look at how well each product is doing both in person and online and determine which ones will be sticking around for longer.

I really want this product to become a Champion! What should I do?
Buy it of course! Also share it with your friends and just put the word out there. If it does really well it might just make it there!

Will you be doing more Designer Workshops?
Not at this time.


  • Peter

    Are you making 42 pieces for each designers workshop because it is the answer to the great question… about life, the universe… everything?
    Or is there another reason?

  • Artur Mokrushin

    That’s a pretty neat system! I like the names of each development stage, as well—it’s so…game-like!

  • Alanna Woods

    I would like to upvote the Women’s Augment V5 Vest and Jacket in Android Blue for the Contenders Circle. I feel they are a smart, professional business look for the 21st Century and therefore a nice addition to Volante Design.

  • Bonnie Lee

    Does that mean you guys may make a few more sizes and/or colors for the champions that have been sold out? There’s been a few that I’ve been saving up to get but then the size/color is sold out.

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